Leather Couch Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Regular cleaning and dusting help the furniture to remain in a good condition. However, care should be taken to extend the life of the Leather upholstery. The manufacturers say a professional Leather Upholstery Cleaning servicesis highly required to conserve the natural shine of the product. There are certain home techniques to get rid of the stain and dirt over your Leather furniture. But home cleaning process is not very risk-free. It may cause a hazard to the product and you. Let’s discuss the methods which can be used to maintain the shine of Leather for a prolonged period of time.

Leather Couch Cleaning
Leather Couch Cleaning

Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

Leather upholstery Cleaning at home is not an easy task. Usually, leather upholstery needs more care and attention. It is advisable to keep them in a better place far from direct sunlight. The heat of the sun may cause cracking and drying the leather which ultimately spoils the make and looks of the furniture.

  1. Regular cleaning: Always clean the leather with a soft cloth and apply moisturizing soap. Just clean it with a wet cloth and dry it immediately. An over wet cloth or rinsing with water may spoil your leather.  At last polish it for a better shine. The leather is a porous material. Leather Couch Cleaning it with ammonia-based cleaners or harsh cleaners like bleach can ruin your expensive leather couch.
  1. Always nurture leather with vinegar and linseed oil: If you want to preserve the natural shine of the leather then nourish it with a solution of white vinegar and linseed oil. The process starts with mixing two parts linseed oil with one part of white vinegar. Shake the solution till it mixes well. Now apply the solution gently over the leather with the help of soft cloth in a circular motion. Continue rubbing it thoroughly quite for a pretty good time covering the entire surface. Allow some time to sit. Now buff with a soft cloth and let it dry for some more time before sitting on the furniture.
Leather Couch Stain Removal
Leather Couch Stain Removal

Stains Removal Activity:

The leather is a delicate material which should be dealt with utmost care. Leather should be nourished. This can extend the life of the luster and life material the material. There are many household Leather Couch Stain Removal techniques that can help you clean your Leather upholstery.

  1. Ink stain: To deal with an ink stain on leather furniture, rub it with a cotton swab dipping in alcohol. The stain will go. Then dry the surface with a blow dryer. You can also apply a thick coat of non-oily remover and leave it for the night if the stain is really stubborn. Wipe off with a moist cloth at morning and the stain will not be there.
  1. Dark stains: Over the time during the normal usage some dark stains develop on your light-colored leather upholstery. You can remove dark stains with an equal mixture of part lemon juice and cream of tartar. Rub with the solution and leave it for a while. If required repeat the same process again to remove the stain completely.
Leather Couch Cleaning Services
Leather Couch Cleaning Services

Go For Professional Help

Lots of people use a chemical to clean their stained furniture without having the proper knowledge about the Leather furniture cleaning. That is where a disaster happens. The chemicals and toxins can adversely affect your cleaning process. We suggest you not to attempt any such techniques on your own.

Leather Couch cleaning services provider like IANS Cleaning Services can help you in the matter. We have all the skill to deal with your Leather Couch and sofa cleaning. Our professional couch cleaners are the expert in the field. Our leather Sofa cleaning professional know how to deal with the upholstery cleaning and they are quite good at removing the old stubborn stain thereof. They have pretty good knowledge about the doses of the chemicals and their repercussion on the furniture. Even our professionals do not use the chemicals at the first instance. They only use eco-friendly chencials when the upholstery really needs it.

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