How to Properly Clean Your Used Furniture?

Cleaning the used furniture is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Whether it is from a thrift shop or from a friend’s house or bought online. Before you bring the used furniture, make sure to take some additional precautions. Because you will have no idea about what is the condition of furniture and what are all the things you bring your home in addition to furniture.

Allergens, dust mites, bugs, bacteria, and odors are the unwanted guests you invite your home along with the used furniture. Fortunately, it is not a big deal to clean the used furniture, you don’t need a professional help to clean the furniture.

By following simple and effective measures you can do on your own to get the best results. In this case, you can feel relaxed about welcoming used furniture to your home.

Initial steps to follow while bringing furniture

While you bring the furniture, immediately don’t take it inside, place the furniture outside or put it in your garage. Before entering the home with furniture sanitize the furniture properly to eliminate the pathogens.

This will prevent the bad odor from spreading easily to the other cleaned products in the home.

Disinfect the furniture

Disinfect the furniture in Canberra
Disinfect the furniture in Canberra

This is a very important process, disinfecting the furniture will completely eliminate the bacteria, germs, mites, and bugs from the furniture. There are several ways to disinfect the furniture, what type of process will work best is purely depend on the type of furniture you have.

For the upholstered furniture, the disinfecting aerosol spray is the best choice. Sanitizing is the effective method that completely eliminated all the infectious germs on plastic, wood and other hard object furniture. A mixture of vinegar and warm water will work effectively on the upholstered furniture.

This will eliminate the pathogens as well as maintains the cleanliness of the furniture. You can even use the furniture cleaning products which is easily available online or in the local stores.

Removing the odors

Removing the odors from furniture
Removing the odors from furniture

After finishing sanitizing and disinfecting the next step to start is removing the odors from the upholstery furniture. Try not to use any type of air fresheners to eliminate the odors it will never give you good results. Because using the fresheners will give only temporary results by hiding the odor and it will not completely eliminate the odor from the furniture.

In this case, baking soda is the best product to completely eliminate the odor from the upholstery furniture. Sprinkle some baking soda over the upholstery furniture and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then vacuum the furniture clearly. To achieve complete cleaning remove the bottom of the cushion and vacuum the couches, chairs etc.

All the steps will help you to remove dust from upholstery, dust mites from sofa, bacteria and bugs from couch etc. This cleaning process will give the best results and you can feel happy about taking furniture without any harmful pathogens. Once you complete all these steps, take the furniture inside the home happily. Now, this is not the used furniture it is the new furniture that you are welcoming your home.

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