How to Get Rid Of Oil Stains From A Carpet?

Oil and grease are one of the nastiest stains you can get on your carpets. Not only they are very hard to remove but often lead to the trapping of a lot of dirt and dust. Trapping of mud and dust by oil will lead to permanent damage and decolourization of your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners can also help you with carpet oil stain removal and also restore your carpets from the damage of oil stains and dirt turning them fresh and new again. But if you have enough time and resources you can very well take care of carpet oil stain removal at home itself. Follow this guide to get rid of oils stains from a carpet.

Carpet Oil Stain Removal
Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Materials you will be needing :

  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Carpet stain removing soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Water

Steps for carpet oil stain removal are :

Step 1: Old stains are very much permanently fixed deep into the fibres of carpets, so you need to freshen up the stain by pouring some glycerine or non-sticky colourless oil before oil stain removal.

Step 2: Absorbent clothes or paper towels can be used to remove excess of glycerin on the carpets by dabbing the cloth over to the oily stain again and again. Repeat this for few times and don’t dab the stain very strongly or the oil will spread again to resh fibres of carpets.

Step 3:  Since all of the excesses of oil has been soaked up by cloth or paper now you can start carpet oil stain removal through cornstarch. Pour some amount of cornstarch over the stain and use a brush to rub the surface and bottom of the carpet and let cornstarch extract all the remaining oil and dirt inside the carpets. Apply some more cornstarch after the cleaning with the brush and leave it on the stain for an hour.

Remove Oil Stains From Carpet
Remove Oil Stains From Carpet

Step 4: Deterrent and stubborn oil stains will likely be removed by repeating the above process a few times. You should now use a vacuum cleaner to eradicate any presence of cornstarch left on the carpets. Attach a narrow hose and suck in all the powder of cornstarch and oil left. Repeat vacuum carpet cleaning again by attaching an upholster hose. now.

 Step 5: If your oil stains still persist or some amount of oil or dirt is still seen you can use oil removing soap or detergent to finish off the carpet oil stain removal process. use the detergent or oil removing soap, pour it over the stain and add some water. Take a brush or a toothbrush to rub the stained patch and remove any amount of oil and dirt left.

Step 6: Use a wet cloth finally and rub it on the carpet patch and keep rubbing to see the stain and detergent getting removed.

Step 7: For drying process take two dry clothes or paper towels and put them on the surface of the stain and directly below it. Press the clothes or paper towels firmly and repeat pressing until all the water is removed. Leave the carpets under the final for complete drying.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Assistance : IANS Cleaning Services, Australia
Most often oil stains go unnoticed before they start trapping dirt and become visible. Some old and hard stains are almost impossible to remove and require the hiring of professional carpets cleaning services as IANS cleaning Services, Australia provides. Our team of professional carpet cleaners are available round the clock 24×7 to offer you solution for all of your carpet cleaning and carpet oil stain removal problems

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